28 Aug

New publication on engineering conductive protein fibers

Congrats to Noémie, Anna, and Jessica on their publication “Biomimetic Engineering of Conductive Curli Protein Films” in Nanotechnology! The manuscript describes the rational mutation of the protein CsgA to form protein fiber mats capable of conducting electronic charge. The work was inspired by similar naturally occurring systems that have evolved to be similarly conductive. Noémie is continuing some of this work in her own lab at McGill.

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26 Jun

New publication on lanthanide recovery using engineered biofilm materials

Congrats to Richie and Avinash on their publication “Repurposing Bacterial Extracellular Matrix for Selective and Differential Abstraction of Rare Earth Elements” in Green Chemistry! The manuscript describes a method to isolate and recover rare earth elements (i.e. lanthanides), which are used in a variety of modern electronics applications, using a completely biologically produced material. It works even in mixtures with much higher concentrations of other metals in them.

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24 May

New publication on tracking microbes in vivo

Congrats to Bom, Noémie, Ilona, Chaochen, Peter, and Jessica on their new publication “Tracking of engineered microbes in vivo using non-standard amino Tracking of engineered microbes in vivo using non-standard amino acid incorporation” in ACS Synthetic Biology! The manuscript describes a new method for imaging bacteria in mice even several days after oral administration. It lays the groundwork for a better understanding of microbial trafficking inside living hosts.

ACS SynBio Praveschotinunt fig1ACS SynBio Praveschotinunt fig1NSAA Fig1 revision

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