11 Sep

Dr. Karen Alt from Monash University Australia visited Wyss and Joshi Lab

Dr. Karen Alt visited Wyss Institute and delivered a talk “Theranostic Nanoparticles: Opportunities and Challenges”. Dr. Alt also met with Joshi lab members, Bom, Franziska, Ila, Dr. Suastegui, and Mengyuan (Koch Institute, MIT). Prof. Joshi and Dr. Guo had meeting with Dr. Alt afterwards and discussed the possible collaborations.

Dr. Karen Alt is currently a Senior Scientist in the Nanobiotechnology laboratory at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The central objective of her research is to develop imaging probes to better understand the underlying mechanisms of different disease processes and the impact of therapy. Dr. Alt and her research group led by Prof. Christoph Hagemeyer are working closely with Prof. Frank Caruso, the Australian Laureate Fellow in The University of Melbourne, on the designs of new nanomedicine and bio-imaging technologies.


From Left to Right: Dr. Junling Guo, Dr. Karen Alt, Prof. Neel Joshi.

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