03 Nov

Congrats to the 2016 Harvard iGEM team!


The team of 8 Harvard undergrads and 4 graduate mentors presented their project at the iGEM Jamboree last weekend. The team’s project, Plastiback, focused on degrading ocean plastic and converting the byproducts into an electrical current in order to create a global map of ocean plastic. They achieved gold medal status for their accomplishments and  received an honorable mention in the Environmental track of the competition.

02 Nov

New Joshi group publication on designer amyloid based biomaterials

Scalable Production of Genetically Engineered Nanofibrous Macroscopic Materials via Filtration


Congrats to Noémie, Anna, Richie, and Peter on their recent publication in ACS Biomaterials Science and Technology! The paper describes a new method to purify curli amyloid fibers and use them for the fabrication of functional materials.

Our work is on the recently relaunched Wyss website, you can find it here.