31 May

    Bom defends his Ph.D. thesis and walks at graduation

    Congratulations to Dr. Praveschotinunt, who successfully defended his thesis, entitled “Engineered Curli-Expressing Probiotic Bacteria as a Platform for Therapeutics and Diagnostics” and received his Ph.D. hood at the SEAS graduation ceremony! Bom will be starting a position as a scientist at Ginko Bioworks in July.


    31 May

    Check out our Big Idea for Living Materials

    NSF2026_lgThree members of the group – Anna Duraj-Thatte, M.B. Avinash, and Neel Joshi – submitted an entry for the NSF 2026 Big Ideas competition: “A competition sponsored by the National Science Foundation to help set the U.S. agenda for fundamental research in science and engineering.” Our entry was selected as a semi-finalist and describes a broad vision for Living Materials and how they can contribute to a more sustainable future for our built environment. Help us become finalists and shape the agenda for future NSF research by commenting on our video at the link!


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